Pre-Order Policies

What is a “Pre-order?”

An upcoming product available for purchase but is neither yet in stock nor released by the manufacturer for delivery until a specified future date.

Benefits of Pre-ordering

  • Be the first to receive newly released products; pre-orders are prioritzed

  • Discounted pricing often available; see individual listings for details

  • Reserved units; guarantee you receive an item when only limited quantities are available*

Purchasing Multiple Items (IMPORTANT!)

Orders containing both pre-order and stock items

Orders containing multiple items that include both pre-order and stock items will be shipped together (at once) on the day the final pre-order item becomes ready for shipment because each individual order is treated as a whole. Otherwise, please purchase pre-order items separately and independently that do not include any stock items as a part of the order upon checkout to ensure prompt shipment of items already on hand.

If you do find yourself in a multiple item situation where you no longer want to wait for items that may already be available to ship, you may contact us by sending an email to to discuss arrangements and any additional shipping fees that may be required.

Orders containing multiple pre-order items

If you wish to purchase multiple pre-order items, you must purchase each item separately if you wish for each item to ship immediately as they become available and in stock. NOTE: Pre-order items listing the same release month does not guarantee they will arrive at the same time. We are constantly receiving items from the very beginning of each month all the way until the end of each month. Please take careful consideration before making your purchases.

Again, if you do find yourself in a multiple item situation and you no longer want to wait for items that may already be available to ship, you may contact us by sending an email to to discuss arrangements and any additional shipping fees that may be required.

Pre-order Deadline

The pre-order deadline is the last date a pre-order can be placed for a particular product, or until reserved quantities are sold out -- whichever comes last. After the closing date, quantities are provided to the manufacturer for production and/or allocation. Pre-order deadlines are subject to change for any reason as dictated by either the distributor and/or manufacturer.

NOTE: If the "PRE-ORDER: Add to Cart" button is still active after the release month it means the product has not yet arrived and reserved quantities are still available for pre-order & discounted pricing until sold out.

Release Dates

Release dates provided are U.S. release dates for all imported products and may differ from official Japan release dates. All release dates are projections as determined by the manufacturers/distributors and are subject to changes and/or production delays at any time without notice. However, we will make every effort to notify customers if their item becomes impacted. We understand this can happen periodically which is why we utilize a ‘Release Month for pre-order listings instead of specific dates for product release estimates to help avoid any misunderstandings and provide reasonable expectations from the beginning.

Moreover, release month's stated are not the same as arrival dates. Once products are "released," they begin their logistical journey from manufacturers in Japan and may take a matter of weeks and in some unusual cases months to arrive and be processed upon U.S. shores for distribution. This is solely determined and will differ by each manufacturer and region from which they originate. Approximated delivery schedules to our facilities will be updated as information is received which will provide better estimated shipping schedules.

Please keep in mind that unexpected delays outside of the control of USS Toys and Collectibles can happen and do not warrant grounds for any form of compensation.

On occasion there is always the possibility a product arrives earlier than originally projected. If this occurs, we will pass along the good fortune and ship when received.

The bottom line? Manufacturer’s do their very best to keep up with production demand, however they can sometimes fall behind schedule. So, what’s the good news? We are notified constantly for changes across all products and update product listings accordingly. If any changes (i.e. delays, design, production, etc.) arise regarding your order deemed as significant by USS Toys and Collectibles, you will be notified.


Full payment is charged and due upon checkout. The amount due will include any applicable taxes and/or shipment charges to ensure there are no delays once products are released.


Waiting sucks!  If you want to cancel an order, go ahead, just get in touch and request to cancel.  We totally get it!


New arrival of pre-order products generally assumes the same handling time of 2-5 business days as our standard shipment policy. If you have any questions or concerns along the way during the course of your order and would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

*In some extreme cases, not all pre-order products can be fulfilled due to manufacturers’ own reasons and production is either cancelled or postponed for an undetermined amount of time or the pre-order item has reached its maximum order quantity and becomes closed. If this arises and the product you ordered is affected, you will be notified and refunded under the general terms of our return policy.