JesseDabbles in Vaulted Vinyl

JesseDabbles in Vaulted Vinyl

Meet Jesse Clark:

The owner of Jesse Dabbles (on Whatnot), and an official member of the Vaulted Vinyl Partner Program, official Funko Retailer & Trusted Seller on Whatnot.

We asked him why he started, what he loves about running Jesse Dabbles, and why he chose to join the Vaulted Vinyl Partner program. Hear what he had to say:

Why did you start Jesse Dabbles?

“I began JesseDabbles at the very end of December 2021, and it was all by accident! Earlier in the year I had wanted to add something to my gas stations convenience store.  I ordered a few toys and Funko's (I had no idea what even a Funko was at the time), posted them on my social media and listed them on my website and BOOM! It's really taken off since then, and continues to grow all the time.”

What do you love most about running Jesse Dabbles?

“I love adding to others' collections.  So often I have had that one last Pop! that completes someone's set and that is super fun. But overall I love the community and being able to be a part of it is just very rewarding.”

Why did you join the Vaulted Vinyl Partner Program?

“I reached out to VV when I had tried a few different brands of protectors and concluded they did not meet my quality expectations. So upon trying out some VV Protectors for my PC, I decided to Partner up.”

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