🎉 We are Officially an Official Funko Retailer!! 🎉

🎉 We are Officially an Official Funko Retailer!! 🎉

Last night I officially submitted my first order directly with #Funko!  What does that mean for me and my store, and, what does it mean for you?

For you it means I can offer the new releases much earlier than before when I was ordering from Entertainment Earth.  So right now I have brand new Funko Pop! items coming in Feb/March that haven’t even been released for pre-orders.  What are these new Pop!s? Honestly… I’m not at liberty to disclose specifics! Seriously!  Stay tuned by subscribing to the site to get the earliest word on all new Funko.  It also means better pricing!

For me this direct link with Funko means pretty much the same things! I will be transitioning from EE to Funko from now until late Feb/March, so all of my new inventory will be coming from EE until then.  I’ll be sprucing up my physical store and the online store to ensure I’m your go-to for all the new Funko I can get my hands on!

I am a very small business but am determined to do BIG things.  I am very approachable and answer all direct messages and emails. I have a face, unlike the big corporate behemoths. Think of me as your personal ambassador to Funko and Entertainment Earth, if you’re looking for something specific, or wanting a bit more info on something, feel free to reach out here, or on my ig page: @jessedabbles

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